Seaworld Christmas 2010 Pt.1

Today, We went to SeaWorld to see what they’ve done for the holidays

Penguins with santa hats??? Makes sense to me. Nothing out of the ordinary here…

Ooh, Christmas Tree!  It’s pretty,  also very blue.

Now here are some random decorations that I don’t have clever captions for.


This snowman is happy, because it’s 50 degrees outside. But sad, because he can’t fit on manta 😦

More Quip-less photos

Snowman lights are Snowmen, none the less

The Polar Bears look pretty incredible

So do these Penguins, who are noticeably Santa hat-less.

These Trees look great at night

Those are Christmas trees. They light up like crazy. More on that in a little bit…

I tried to feed the ducks, but they weren’t hungry.

Light up tree.

More birds.

SeaWorld didn’t even get fake snow. Really? Think you’ll put up blinking lights, and no one will notice???

Ice skating show is over here.


This was probably the coolest looking area.

These guys were good. They didn’t move once.

Uh- Oh, It’s getting too dark for photos.

Ok, Today’s photo is over, But I might add more Pictures later. (To find out, Follow Me on Twitter at @ZacRiv), But we have a sneak peek for the next update:

Christmas Tree Lights Show!




Well… What Next?

Code Blak is taking a break, but only for a little bit. When we get back, we’ll be stronger then ever. The break will be until the beginning of the Christmas season, however, there will be some surprises before then, so as always


Stay Tuned…

A Halloween Horror Nights Wedding?

No, the title for this story is correct, a wedding DID happen at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights event.

“On Oct. 15, April Richardson and Adam Cochran tied the “noose” inside one of the haunted houses at Universal Orlando Resort’s Halloween Horror Nights XX. The couple won the “wedding of their nightmares” in Universal Orlando’s wedding giveaway contest. April and Adam’s wedding will be the first of the new Halloween Horror Nights themed wedding packages now offered at Universal Orlando. Universal Orlando also offers customized weddings at more than 25 unique locations around the resort.”

For more Info about Halloween Horror Nights, check out http://www.HalloweenHorrorNights.com

The Halloween Horror Nights XX Commercial

Universal Orlando has revealed the Halloween Horror Nights Commercial for this years event, HHN XX: Twenty Years of Fear. The Commercial gives a clue as to what this years icon (FEAR) will look like.

This commercial is out on and can be seen below.

The commercial was directed by the Spierig brothers, directors of the film “Daybreakers.”

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, this years HHN is looking like it’s going to be one of the best out of the last couple of years. then again, Universal Creative always ups their game when it comes to HHN.

Halloween Horror Nights XX Revealed… Soon

It appears by the looks of this photo that tonight’s the night (Midnight) when Universal will show what this years HHN will have in store.Hhn

Very little is known about this year’s event, but if the rumors are true, you can expect to see one of the greatest years in the events history.

For ticket information, go to http://www.halloweenhorrornights.com/orlando/

Lights on in Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey


While there are many videos of the inside of Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey with the lights on floating around the internet, none have been as High Quality as this one. If you want to see all the details of the ride, this video is perfect for you. If you haven’t been on the ride or don’t want to know how anything works, I’d recommend you not watch this video because it shows EVERYTHING.

HHN Update

The Halloween Horror Nights website has been updated. when you click the link, the image of a lantern will appear. Click on the lantern for some (very interesting) Pictures of concept art and what appears to be a mummy.

Also, the Website (and Facebook Page) for the Legendary truth have been updated for this year’s HHN.

For those of you who who don’t know the Legendary Truth, they were a viral marketing promotion used for HHN 18. They were A Ghost Hunter style organization that was dedicated to investigating the “Supernatural Phenomenon” behind “Halloween Horror Nights: Reflections of Fear” and it’s icon, Bloody Mary.

The site is definitely worth a look, as it gives some clues as what to expect from this year’s event.

You can check there site here, and there Facebook Page here.

…Stay tuned…