A Sneek Peak at HHN21

Acid Assualt

Those, by the way, happen to be projectors facing the Metropolis Tribune and Macy’s Building. 

Speakers on top of the Macy’s awning

Grown Evil

For those who are wondering,  This Scarezone is in between Hollywood and Kidzone.

Fun Fact: These Planters were reused from last year’s Esqueleto Muerte. They’re not finished being painted yet

This is what they’ll look like when they’re finished

Canyon Of Dark Souls


This one is in Shrek Alley (Between Shrek and Monster’s Cafe/Shrek & Donkey Meet & Greet)

Nothing is up in the 7 (Hollywood) and Your Luck Has Run Out (Mel’s Diner) Scarezones… Yet, but as soon as we see any signs of construction there, or if props are added in Acid Assault, Grown Evil, Canyon Of Dark Souls, or Nightmaze, we’ll be back for more pictures.

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Stay Tuned…


Halloween Horror Nights Media Invite takes you “Behind the Scenes”

Halloween Horror Nights is less than a week away, so to get ready, here’s a video showing the inside of the Hallow’d Past… and a woman who just so happens to be possessed by FEAR.

Halloween Horror Nights starts September 24th, and Tickets are available at http://HalloweenHorrorNights.com/

For a Sneek Peek into this year’s event, Check out HNN XX Sneek Peek.

Halloween Horror Nights and Legendary Truth Sites Updated.

The websites for Halloween Horror Nights and the Legendary Truth Have been updated.

The HNN Site now shows even more photos of… (Well, for some reason, I can’t seem to reach the site so I don’t know exactly what it looks like.) HNN Facebook Page has some VERY interesting pictures up as well.

Also, The Legendary Truth’s Website has also been updated with photos of things from past events, like, the Festival of the Dead Parade, Screamhouse: Resurrection, Midway of the Bizarre, and more.

…Stay Tuned…