Halloween Horror Nights 21 Construction Update

And we’re back at Universal Studios for some more HHN scarezone goodness.

Acid Assault

Ya get it? ‘Cause it’s Singin’ in the Rain! And we’re in Acid Rain!! Get it!? *Sigh* You kids will never understand…
From the front, it’s a pile of junk…
…But Behind…It’s a box! What’s inside?

It might be a bit early, but I nominate this rat for Scareactor of the Year.
Please note the sticker that they’ve laid on the road to make it look destroyed. Nice touch.These are shipping containers behind this construction wall. it’s location in the zone has yet to be seen.

Your Luck Has Run Out

…Well, there’s nothing here yet…


Death Drums

All that’s here is some lighting for the show.


So there wasn’t very much added here yet.I can’t confirm, but I think this might be a gobo.Not Confirmed, Just a guess.A fog machine.

Grown Evil

I took these pictures the day of Rock The Universe, so navigating this area was a bit difficult.This area is coming along fantastically.Bats are everywhere.Everywhere…Eve… ry… where…Also, Ravens.

Canyon of Dark Souls

So those drapes became hooded figures.
for fabric, it looks pretty good.The pumpkins are back!They’ve been placed in KidZone. Boo!


7, in case you couldn’t guess, is about the Seven Deadly Sins. These are the mini stages that the sins stand on.

And that’s that.

Nothing is up in the Your Luck Has Run Out (Sting Alley) Scarezone… Yet, but as soon as we see any signs of construction there, you can expect an update.

To find out when we update this page, check out @ZacRiv on Twitter.

 Stay Tuned.


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