A First Look at “Transformers: The Ride”

We’ve got good news for those who are fans of attractions, themed around popular movie franchises based on 80’s cartoons about alien robots that can turn into cars…  A first look at the new Transformers: The ride is here!  Although, very little info has been given as to what the ride is about, some great video has dropped during this year’s Comic-Con:

We also have a pic of the ride’s Vehicle/Character, EVAC.

So here’s what we know already:

-Michael Bay, the director of the Transformer trilogy, is involved in the attraction.  How much do you wanna bet there will be explosions?

-The attraction will be using an updated version of the ride system used on The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man at Islands of Adventure.

-The Attraction will be on a two story building, with the use of an elevator.

-The attraction will use animatronics in some way. (Fingers crossed for life sized Autobots.)

-ILM will be animating the on screen action of the ride. (Fun Fact: ILM also did the animation for the Star Tours: The Adventure Continues attraction at Disneyland/Disney Hollywood Studio.)

-It will be using HD 3-D Projections to make the action look Photorealistic.  An interesting tidbit is that the previously mentioned Spider-Man Ride at IOA will be getting an update around the same time that the Transformers’ ride opens.  One of the updated elements is the implementation of  State of the Art 4K resolution projectors.  Considering the fact that both rides are so similar tech wise, one could guess that Transformers might also use 4K projectors, although this is not confirmed.

Transformers: The Ride is set to open in Spring of 2012 at Universal Studios Hollywood.


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