Seaworld Christmas 2010 Pt.1

Today, We went to SeaWorld to see what they’ve done for the holidays

Penguins with santa hats??? Makes sense to me. Nothing out of the ordinary here…

Ooh, Christmas Tree!  It’s pretty,  also very blue.

Now here are some random decorations that I don’t have clever captions for.


This snowman is happy, because it’s 50 degrees outside. But sad, because he can’t fit on manta 😦

More Quip-less photos

Snowman lights are Snowmen, none the less

The Polar Bears look pretty incredible

So do these Penguins, who are noticeably Santa hat-less.

These Trees look great at night

Those are Christmas trees. They light up like crazy. More on that in a little bit…

I tried to feed the ducks, but they weren’t hungry.

Light up tree.

More birds.

SeaWorld didn’t even get fake snow. Really? Think you’ll put up blinking lights, and no one will notice???

Ice skating show is over here.


This was probably the coolest looking area.

These guys were good. They didn’t move once.

Uh- Oh, It’s getting too dark for photos.

Ok, Today’s photo is over, But I might add more Pictures later. (To find out, Follow Me on Twitter at @ZacRiv), But we have a sneak peek for the next update:

Christmas Tree Lights Show!




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